If you require support please call 1300 238 724.
Warning – Smartek URL change planned for Sunday 16/Aug/2020

Please note the Smartek website will be changing the primary URL/domain from to, this change includes other Smartek websites and email addresses. There is no change to the function of Smartek as part of this.

If you have a shortcut saved for the website with your username and password saved, this URL, username and password will have to be re-saved for the new URL: You can start using from now and be ready. If you need help with your username/password please email, advising your company or employee name and your SMTK username if known.

The existing URL/domain (.biz) will continue to work as is, but from Sunday 16/Aug/2020 it will redirect to the new URL/domain ( You will notice the becoming the primary and more commonly used domain name throughout. If you experience any problems, please contact Smartek on 1300 238 724 or